• How to choose which CC is right for you?

     Easy, see what meals are on each plan as they are all different and choose the one that entices you the most! Find all the meals listed at jenniat...
  • 6wk CC Phases... which one to start?

    The 6wk CARB CYCLE has 2 Phases. You can start with either one based your personal preferences of the meal choices (all listed on
  • Want a Challenge that will help you lose weight, tone up & get fit?

    SIMPLE 28 Day Program using the same Structure as the best selling 6 week CC Diet.   My CARB CYCLE DIETS, have helped 100's Drop Fat, Gain Muscle ...
  • What is the CC Diet?

    Throughout the week, you rotate through low-carb, medium-carb and high & refeed days. All days require a moderate/high protein intake (100g+) ...
  • What are you waiting for?

    The intentions are always there, right? To lose weight, get healthy and be fit?