6wk CC Phases... which one to start?

The 6wk CARB CYCLE has 2 Phases.

You can start with either one based your personal preferences of the meal choices (all listed on jenniathena.com). These are the meals on Phase 2 ✌🏼

You can even alternate weeks between the 2 phases and there is so much variety between the two!

Being a super busy Mumma, I made sure all the recipes and meals are quick and simple to prepare.

And as a family of 5 I ensure it’s affordable, 95% of ingredients can be found at #ALDI 🙌🏼

What is your favourite meal on the CC (1or2)? I love the banana pancakes, Moroccan Turkey Mince, Spaghetti with feta and Banana Berry Smoothie best... but both plans include all my staple favorite clean meals 🙌🏼😍.

The CC is more than just a weight loss solution! It’s a health solution. A lifestyle change. It nourishes your body from inside out, creating a healthier mindset and body. The results are more than numbers.

What effects on your HEALTH  do you think nourishing your body with a balanced, healthy nutrition plan have over food for convenience!.

.Healthy food doesn’t have to be organic, expensive or taste like cardboard. The CC Meals are simple, delish and enjoyed by even those of a tight budget.