What is the CC Diet?

Throughout the week, you rotate through low-carb, medium-carb and high & refeed days.

All days require a moderate/high protein intake (100g+) to ensure we maintain as much lean muscle as possible; while Fats are increased on lower carb days.

When you cut carbs, your natural storage space for them (muscle and liver glycogen) gets depleted. This causes your body to to burn stored fat for energy (thus Fat loss effect). This happens in as little as 3 days. When you eat carbs, you fill those stores back up. If you eat too many carbs, the excess carbs eaten are stored as fat.

So itโ€™s not about cutting out carbs completely (or even fats). Itโ€™s a science based nutrition plan that zig zags your Carb intake while consuming a calorie controlled diet to induce fatloss, fast.

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