14day DETOX program

14day DETOX program

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A 14 day program to help detox your body and mind of anything toxic holding you back from being your BEST.

(Perfect option to KICKSTART you into action and follow on with my best selling KISS ME Plan to lose or maintain weight through a calorie controlled, flexible plan)

14 day NUTRITION PLAN. Using whole foods to nourish your body.
Flexible options. Choose 3 main meals each day & 1-2 snacks. 8 available options per Meal (ie. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks). No Calorie or Macro Counting... this is more "intuitive" eating. Concerntrating on eating healthy, regular meals and organising your meals ahead of time.

Daily Self Love & Reflection Tasks Choose daily from alist of Tasks that take as little as a few minutes out of your day to give back to yourself and fill your own cup.

Daily Exercise options with 6 (optional) home workouts. Choose a physical activity each day from the list. Can be your regular exercise routine, planking in your lougeroom, walking the dog or going for a swim with the kids. 

If you can't exercise... no worries you have a different task option to help you exercise your mind.

**Suitable for Gluten & Dairy Intolerances, as you just choose the meals that suit.

*No Vegetarian/Vegan plan, however easily adaptable for Vegetarians to swap meat for suitable alternative.