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K.I.S.S ME Plan

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K.I.S.S ME is a PLAN that will help you Lose Unwanted Weight; Maintain Weight Loss (following on from the Carb Cycle Diets) or just help you live a HEALTHY, BALANCED LIFESTYLE. I have created this with the GEN POP (general population) in mind.

My CC diets have been amazingly successful based on an average of 1500 Cal per day for the majority of people. However, I am aware of the need for a plan for those post WLS who are not able to consume the amount of prescribed food. Males & Highly Active people needing more food/energy to sustain them, as well as FUSSY Eaters (Ya’ll know the love I have for you lol). As well of course, all those who have loved my CC Diets & won’t a follow on maintenance plan.

In this PLAN I provide you with OPTIONS for nutrition & exercise. You choose what you eat daily based on your taste buds, stomach size & time available in your life to prep and consume meals daily.

KISS ME Plan works on a points system.

You have over 60 meal/ snack options broken up into a points system between 1-5.

Each day, YOU CHOOSE which meals you want to eat to fit within you recommend points.

For example...
If your goal is WEIGHT LOSS & you currently weigh LESS than 60kg...you will aim for 12 points daily.
If you currently weigh MORE than 60kg then you will aim for 14points
This is not a starvation diet, we don’t want to reduce your calorie intake so ridiculously low you regain weight easily, cause ongoing damage to your hormones and metabolism.

It’s about weightloss and maintenance that is SUSTAINABLE & Balance.

If you are happy with your current weight and just want to maintain it... you will work with the “MAINTENANCE” points.

  • KISS has over 60 Meal Options & SUPER SIMPLE Recipes

  • 6 Gym Workouts with access to video demos of  each exercise

  • FREE access to a private FB page with #HomeBod workout videos