#Lift2Shred 12 week Online Training Program

#Lift2Shred 12 week Online Training Program

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12 week ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM... less than $1 per day. $69 ONCE OFF fee giving you 12 week access to your program through my training app on your phone.  With video demos of each exercise you can have at your fingertips, as well as the ability to track your workouts and progress.

Learn how to #Lift2Shred🏋🏼‍♀️💗 Weights change your BODY SHAPE; while nutrition changes the SCALES. Combine this program with a great nutrition plan (CC Diet ideal) and make some amazing changes to your physique.

This is a different program to #liftlikeagirl. Has all new Splits.

Day 1: Back/Abs

Day 2: Glutes/Quads/Biceps

Day 3: Chest/Shoulders

Day 4: Hamstrings/Triceps

📅Start Date NOW! (12 week access to your online program starts the Monday after you sign up, or you can have a 4 week window to begin, just contact me to reset your start date)

If the following sounds like YOU sign up....


✔️Wanting to BODY SCULPT, TONE, gain LEAN MUSCLE & become STRONG & CONFIDENT in the gym.

✔️Can commit to training min 4 x 1hr gym sessions a week.

✔️Beginner to Intermediate level training.

✔️Motivated to stick to a training program for 12 weeks to see results.

✔️Not scared to lift heavy, cardio optional.


Join my Online 12week Weight Training Program!

2 phases (6 weeks per phase) .

💰$69 once off payment

📱Online Support.

📹Video Tutorials of each exercise.

📲Program delivered through an Interactive App on your phone

**You will be contacted within 24hrs or signing up to set up your online app and get started.